About Brian Coetzee

I was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and, after studying classical dance at the University of Cape Town, enjoyed a successful career as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher.

When I moved to the United Kingdom in 2008 I was immediately inspired to paint by the beauty of the surrounding landscape here in Suffolk.

Over a matter of time I developed a unique combination of painting and hand pressing techniques which uses watercolour and mostly natural fibres to capture the many  moods of the ever changing quality of light and its effect on this beautiful and unspoilt countryside. My technique results in each painting being evocative, completely unrepeatable and individual - many of which express a feeling for movement which originates in my passion for dance.

More recently, I have created a series of images from my original artwork which have been magnified and enriched with a broad palette of often intense colours to create a series of different designs which have been digitally printed on 100% silk.

Each design has been created with versatility in mind and is equally striking whether used as an impressive wall hanging or worn as an eye-catching fashion accessory or scarf.


May 2014   Aldeburgh Gallery   Solo exhibition of paintings
July 2015   Aldeburgh Gallery  Solo exhibition of paintings and silks
March 2016  Aldeburgh Gallery  Solo exhibition of paintings and silks
April 2016  Ipswich Art Society Annual     Paintings
June 2016   Aldeburgh Studio Trail   Shared exhibition of paintings and silks

Future exhibitions

June 2017  Aldeburgh Studio Trail
August 2017   Aldeburgh Gallery